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Business Philosophy:
We recognize and acknowledge the need for a cost effective press service and repair. As an alternative to industry giants we are a small independent sheetfed service company. Always have been small, always will be.

We are large enough and experienced enough to manage most any job that you can challenge us with. If not, we will be the first to tell you and then guide you to the best source.  We are small enough to consistently provide individual attention to your specific requirements.

We strive to maintain low overhead and expenses rather than exploit our customers by passing frivolous cost onto them. Our company size has not deterred us from developing and maintaining long term international and domestic relationships and resources.

Being on the inside of four of our industries largest press manufactures, we have witnessed their inefficiencies at near governmental portion. From massive facilities, excessive employees, large stagnant parts inventories, uncontrolled spending and debt, and general mismanagement we have watched factory and large competitors cost spiral out of control. All of which is passed to the customer.

Remaining small, frugal, and efficient by choice we have been able to pass considerable savings to our growing customer base consistently. Therefore, in the trenches and in the real world where most budgets matter, we are able to actualize our business philosophy of “Consistent Quality-Competitive Rates”.